About Me

Alright, alright you got me - I am Marcel, a developer turned solutions engineer based in Zurich, 🇨🇭. Between nine and five, I am into highly scalable systems and automation currently working as a Solutions Architect for a Seattle-based company named after a rainforest. Before that I was a Software Solutions Engineer at a Silicon Valley company featuring a bridge in its logo.

You might know me from reading my book on infrastructure automation with python, attending any of my sessions at conferences or webinars, or - most likely - you don't know me at all. Thanks for stopping by regardless of what brought you here!

Outside of work I like endurance sports, mountains, airplanes, collecting watches, and eating sushi in no particular order.

Formerly: teampact, phaenovum


Disclaimer The opinions expressed in this blog are my own views and not those of employer and/or its affiliates. They also do not represent the views of any of my former employers and/or their affiliates.

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