marcel neidinger

I ❤️ digital | CS MSc Student @eth | Assosciate Systems Engineer @cisco | Everything digital @fdploerrach | 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️ in between

About me

MSc Student in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. Associate Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems.

Soon: ASE in the Cisco Sales Associate Program in Amsterdam. Also: teampact, FDP Lörrach.

I like to drown, fall off a bike and crawl over a finish line. Others call it a triathlon.

My Ironman Journey

I spent most of my free time either sweating on a bike or run or in a pool. Others call this sport triathlon. If doing three endurance sports one after another isn't crazy enough I also committed to doing the long-distance version of the triathlon, sometimes called an Ironman. If you are interested in sports then check-out the My IM Journey page or check the posts in the triathlon category


I like summaries. I like typographically well-designed documents. So I do a lot of my summaries with TeX. Here you can find a few I feel are worth publishing. Most of these are written with a specific lecture in mind. Since I'm a student at the University of Basel, most of these scripts are for lectures held there. Depending on the lectures language, the summaries might be in German. Also, the gray button means that the link is currently broken. I'm probably working on that script then. Last but not least: I do make errors, so if you find any please hit me up on twitter, email or whatever is on-vogue right now.

You can find all summaries in the summaries category.


I like to talk. Some would argue that I like to talk too much but sometimes somebody points a camera at me while I talk. While I'm interested in pretty much everything I especially like to talk about software development topics such as continuous integration or meta topics such as talking about giving talks. Here you can find a collection of presentations I feel are worth publishing.

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