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I like summaries. I like typographically well designed documents. So I do alot of my summaries with TeX. Here you can find a few I feel are worth publishing. Most of these are written with a specific lecture in mind. Since I'm a student at the university of Basel, most of these scripts are for lectures held there.
Depending on the lectures language, the summaries might be in German. Also, gray button mean that the link is currently broken. I'm propably working on that script then.
Last but not least: I do make errors, so if you find any please hit me up over twitter, email or whatever is on-vogue right now.

This is a script for the scientific computing lecture held by Prof. Roth. This is for the lecture from 2015 and includes:

  • Basics (linear algebra and matlab)
  • Linear systems
  • Least-square problems
  • Linear Programming
  • Optimization without gradients
  • Dynamic Programming

This summary contains all parts (see below) from the 2016 lecture by Prof. Helmert and Dr. Wehrle as well as the additonal material on Board games(by Dr. Keller). Included chapters are
  • Introduction
  • State spaces
  • Constraint satisfaction
  • Automated Planning
  • Board games
The currently published version contains all sections that have been read again. The rest will follow soon.
This summary contains all parts (see below) from the 2016 lecture by Prof. Vetter and Dr. Schönborn. Included chapters are
  • Mathematical Basics
  • Bayes Classification
  • Density Estimation