I Have Written a Book!

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For the past nine months I have worked on something special. I have written a book! After reading countless tech books both during my studies and now during my professional career I was given the opportunity to write my own. The book, titled “Python Networking Techniques” is published by packt and will be available in October 2021.

Each chapter takes one open source python package, like netmiko, or a technique, like REST APIs, and shows, based on examples, how the package or technique can be used to automate your infrastructure. The book thus gives you the tools you need to automate your workflows and processes on your own infrastructure.

In detail, the book covers:

  • A introduction to the python3 programming language
  • Paramiko, a python package for SSH connections.
  • Jinja2, a python package for creating templates.
  • Netmiko, a python package - build on top of paramiko, that makes it easy to interact with networking devices via SSH
  • ncclient, a python package for NETCONF connections to a device
  • pyATS, a python package build to automate the testing of network devices
  • NAPALM, a python package build to automate multi-vendor networks
  • Boto3, a python SDK for AWS
  • ansible, one of the most used infrastructure automation tools out there. The chapter covers how to write your own ansible modules.
  • Requests, a python package that makes it easy to make HTTP requests. Requests is used for different techniques.
    • RESTCONF for automating network devices
    • Cloud-based REST APIs using the example of the Cisco Meraki dashboard API
    • Controller-based REST APIs using the example of the Cisco FMC API

Writing a book has been a work intensive but exciting process. I’ll write another post on my experience as a first-time author but for now I am looking forward to all the cool automations build based on the recipes in the my book.

You can pick up the book on amazon here available 8th of October.

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