My IM Journey

In theory, this page should not exist. If everything went as planned, I would have finished my journey to become an Ironman (Swim 3.8k, Bike 180k, Run 42k - Brag for the rest of your life) by now. By plan, I would have finished Ironman Italy in September 2017. However I could not start due to some technicality with receiving a day license in Italy. Absolutly my fault so for the next time remember: Read those f?!#ing registration guides and then read them again.

So here we go. I have now set my sights on Ironman Switzerland that takes place in and around the beautiful city of Zurich in summer 2018. Coincidently I study at ETH Z├╝rich which some might describe as a university with a demanding course load. So this is what this blog is about: It really is a journal of my thoughts on this experiment, balancing an M.Sc. course load with training for an Ironman.

Find all my posts in the triathlon category or follow me on Instagram for some high-quality pictures of my shoes and bike in various training locations. A good entry point might be the very first post A new beginning where I go into more detail what went wrong in that 2017 Ironman thing.