Talk - Python for Systems Engineers

Python is one of the most popular programming languages of our time and the powerhouse behind most of Cisco’s API efforts. If there is a Cisco API chances are high that there will be a software development kit for that API in python. In this 3-part webinar series we will get our hands dirty with python.

Part 1 - Python Basics

Part 1 covers the basics of the python language and some hands-on exercises to get you started on programming.

Part 2 - Python Package Ecosystem

Part 2 covers the python package ecosystem, virtual environments and some packages that might be useful when developing proof-of-concepts.

Part 3 - Let's build a Webex Teams bot in python

In Part 3 we will get our hands dirty building a chat bot in Webex Teams. Before diving into a live coding session we will refresh some basic concepts like webhooks and how to receive web requests in python using flask.

Category: Talks

Tags: python, programming, introduction

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